How do you make a soft boiled egg Reddit?

How do you make the perfect soft boiled egg Reddit?

1″ of water in a pot, bring it to a boil, place eggs in the pot, cover, reduce heat to low, cook for 6 and a half minutes, then immediately run the eggs under cold water from the tap for 30 seconds.

How long does it take to soft boil an egg Reddit?

The trick is to put the eggs into already boiling water (you need to turn burner down to low and gently lower them in then bring back to the boil). I set the timer as soon as they go in to the water and boil them for 6 minutes.

How many minutes do you boil a soft boiled egg?


  1. Fill a medium sized saucepan with water and bring to a rolling boil.
  2. Make sure your eggs aren’t fridge cold. …
  3. Set your timer for 4-5 mins for runny/dippy eggs to serve with soldiers, or 6-7 mins for soft-boiled eggs for a salad.

Can eggs be Reboiled if not done?

There is no problem with re-boiling the eggs if they have been undercooked the first time around. Even if you peel the shell from an egg you were hard boiling and find it is too soft and therefore underdone, it is relatively safe to pop it back into boiling water for another minute or two.

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Why are my hard boiled eggs mushy?

Lastly, eggs that are completely fresh seem to have a bit of moisture inside them. Due to this moisture, the eggs may get mushy. This issue can be tackled by keeping the eggs for a few days before you decide to boil them.