Can you grill on your balcony?

Can you use a BBQ on an apartment balcony?

Answer: You will need to check your by-laws.

You will need to check your by-laws for any specific prohibition, but, an open fire seems to be an inherently hazardous item which may impact on the insurances for the building. Further, the fire could cause nuisance due to smoke drift.

Can you have a propane grill on a balcony?

It depends on where you live and what type of grill you have. … Charcoal grills are relegated to a terrace or backyard, while electric grills are permitted on balconies and roofs. Propane grills are prohibited except in cases where they’re in the backyard of a single- or two-family dwelling, such as a brownstone.

Can you BBQ in apartments?

Today, the California Fire Code prohibits the use of most grills on apartment patios and balconies. … No open-flame cooking devices are allowed on combustible decks, patios, etc. or within 10 feet of structures. The one exception to the rule is apartments that have automatic sprinkler systems on the deck or balcony.

Can I have a small grill on my balcony?

The California Fire Code now prohibits charcoal grills, large propane grills, and other open flame cooking devices in multi-family housing communities. The new rules regulate the type of barbecues one can have on their patio or balcony. Grills can be stored on the balcony only after the tank is disconnected.

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Is a propane grill an open flame?

A gas grill is considered an open-flame grill. It has a visible flame that is used to cook food.

Is BBQ allowed on balcony Dubai?

BBQ in balconies is banned

The circular has been distributed to the managements of all residential buildings and towers in the emirate. The municipality has also instructed them to post the warnings and circulars in the entrance of buildings for residents to see clearly.