How do you cook a turkey in a Charbroil Oilless fryer?

How many minutes per pound do you cook a turkey in a Char Broil oil-less fryer?

The Char-Broil Big Easy estimates between 9-10 minutes per pound of turkey. Don’t only rely on your watch. Use an instant read thermometer to check temperature. Just use minutes per pound as a guideline.

How long does it take to cook a turkey in an oilless air fryer?


  1. Power up The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer. …
  2. Place turkey in the roaster basket with the legs down. …
  3. Cook until the turkey’s internal temperature reaches 165°F, about 2 hours. …
  4. Carve and serve with all the holiday trimmings.

Can you broil a turkey?

Broiling is a cooking method in which food is cooked with a high heat source. The distance the turkey is placed from the heat source is important for proper broiling. … Turkey parts or turkey cutlets should be placed 3 to 6 inches below the heat source, depending on the thickness of the cut.

How long does it take to cook a roast in the Big Easy?

Place the roast vertically in The Big Easy® basket (using skewers to hold it in place), or place the roast horizontally using a cooking rack inside the main cooking basket. Cook the roast approximately 30 minutes per pound or until the internal temperature registers 145°F for medium rare.

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How do you deep fry a turkey in propane?

Follow these steps:

  1. Place the turkey in an empty fryer.
  2. Fill the fryer with water until the level is ½ inch above submerged turkey.
  3. Remove and dry the turkey.
  4. Mark the water level after the turkey has been taken out and dump the water.
  5. Dry the pot and refill with oil to the marked level.
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