What place has fried Oreos?


Does Popeyes have deep-fried Oreos?

Available for a limited time, the new dessert snack features a Doublestuf Oreo cookie covered in batter and deep-fried. You can get them in two- or four-piece orders (for $1.99 and $2.99, respectively in my area). The chain’s take on deep-fried Oreos was spotted testing in the Boston area late last year.

Does Sonic have deep-fried Oreos?

Sonic is bringing back one of its fan-favorite desserts, Oreo A La Mode, as part of its Fair Faves menu. It’s a crunchy, creamy treat made up of Oreo cookies, battered and fried with a side of vanilla ice cream.

Does Disney have fried Oreos?

They do have deep fried oreos at Boma. I had a bowl of them on my recnt visist on 9/2. There are four deep fried oreos on a stick in a big red bowl. They then have chocolate sauces poured on top of them.

What fast food restaurant sells fried Oreos?

Deep-fried Oreos debut at Sonic Drive-In. Sonic’s Oreo A La Mode includes an Oreo cookie that is battered and fried then served with vanilla ice cream.

How much do deep fried Oreos cost?

Deep Fried Oreos

A pack of Oreos (36 cookies) can be as cheap as $2 at your local grocery. The batter consists of egg, milk, and flour, which can add up to only $5.

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Does Sonic have fried ice cream?

Sonic Introduces Fried Ice Cream Blast.

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