Piping Bags and Nozzles

A friend on Twitter has just asked what piping bags/nozzles I use so I thought I would blog about it because the question has come up a few times.

I have this ‘Professional’ piping set from Lakeland¬†(you can order them online)


I mainly use the top left nozzle and the first and second left on the bottom row. The bottom right makes something like looks like cowpats and I haven’t found a use for the top middle one yet. The top right is probably handy for drizzling stuff but I find a disposable piping bag with the corner cut off easier (and less washing up)

The top left is a classic swirly one that I use for most standard piping – the set comes with two of these, one big, one smaller. The bigger one looks like this:

The Originals

The bottom left is the one I used for rose piping like this because it creates thinner edges on the icing:

Rose Piping

The middle on on the bottom row is kind of in the middle between the other two and gives a more distinct edge and a bit more overlap – it always looks a bit more ‘fun’ than the others. Like this:


But depending on the piping angle, speed and wiggle, this one can also come out like this:


The bag that comes in with the set is absolutely rubbish and I prefer disposable bags anyway because they are less messy and feel more hygienic. I used the Tala ones from Amazon Рthey are only a few pounds, they are quite thick and grippy and you can use them without the nozzle with the very tip cut off to drizzle stuff (jam, caramel, lemon curd)